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Everything there is to know about our service and secured loans

Here are several frequently asked questions and answers about car title loans in long beach.

Q – Do I need good credit to be approved for a car title loan in long beach?

A – Your credit score does not impact your chances of being approved for any car title loans. In fact, we accept all applicants regardless of credit history. We provide bad credit loans in long beach as long as you have a car with a legal title in your name, we can help you get fast, secured title loans.

Q – How long does it take for the whole title loan process?

A – One of the things’s that our title loans are known for is that they are fast.

Q – How much money can I borrow in the form of an auto title loan?

A – If your specific vehicle is worth enough money on current market values, you could be approved for as much as $20,000. The lowest amount of money you could be approved to receive is no less than $2,600.

Q – If I’m still paying off the payments on my vehicle, can I still apply for a title loan?

A – Certainly. We may be unable to approve your loan, but it’s always worth a try. The closer you are to owning your vehicle in terms of payments and money owed, the better the chance of getting approved for your loan.

Q – Does my car need to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for a loan?

A – Typically, we ask that the car be in good condition with no damages to the body or engine problems. There are exceptions, however. Sometimes, classic cars are accepted as collateral for a title loan even if they have some damage to the body or engine. This is due to their high value even in most “as is” conditions.


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